2018-2019 Season Try Outs!

Try outs for our 2018-2019 season will take place May 18th-21st. There will be a $40 try out fee. Registrations will take place from May 24th-31st.

Athletes ages 3-18 are welcome! Athletes ages 3 & 4 do not need to attend try outs. For questions regarding when your athlete should attend try outs, please email Coach Harley at stealthallstars@gmail.com

Try out clinics will jumpstart athletes who wish to try out for the 2018-2019 season! Athletes will learn what the coaches will look for at try outs, giving them the opportunity to asses the areas he/she is struggling in and can improve on prior to try outs! The clinics are optional and are available for youth, junior, and senior divisions.
Clinics cost $50/athlete and will take place on March 24, 2018 and April 28, 2018 from 10:00am-1:00pm.
Athletes should only attend one clinic. 

Athletes will receive a number upon their arrival to the gym on Friday 5/18. This number will be used for team placement purposes. Once all athletes have tried out, coaches will meet and sort athletes onto teams. On Wednesday, 5/23, athletes numbers will be posted HERE with the team they have been placed on no later than 8pm. 

Athletes who miss a day of try outs will be cut and will have to try out again June 23-24th, during our late try outs. Late try out fees apply.
*Try out times are subject to change based on the amount of athletes trying out*

Click below to register for a clinic. 

Try Out Packet
Parent/Athlete Handbook
  1. 18
    Parent meeting/Jumps & Dance Choreo
    All athletes trying out. Parents will have a brief 30 minute meeting.
  2. 19
    Stunting Evaluations
    Times are as follows
    Mini Division Ages 5-8: 8am -10am Youth/Junior Division Ages 9-14: 11am-1pm Senior Division Ages 15-18: 2pm-4pm
  3. 20
    Tumbling Evaluations
    Times are as follows
    Mini Division Ages 5-8: 1pm-2pm Youth/Junior Division Ages 9-14: 2pm-3pm Senior Division Ages 15-18: 3pm-4pm
  4. 21
    Jump/Dance Evaluations
    Times are as follows
    Mini/Youth Division Ages 5-11: 6-7pm Junior/Senior Division Ages 12-18: 7-8pm